Coats. We are specialized in coats. We say: the world's most beautiful weather clothes. Yes we do. And we sell worldwide. Yes we do. Colourful. Black. Warmal. Breathable. Lightweight. Rainproof coats. The world's best weather coats for the woman of today who wants to be stylish.

Forslund Design Studio is located in the southeast of Sweden, in Vik, just outside Simrishamn, on beautiful and famous Österlen. It offers a unique combination of weatherwear and art. Under the management of Margareta Forslund and her daughter Elin Forslund, the store has become a popular destination that must not be missed.

The brand in itself is 40 years old and synonymous with innovative materials, prints and extreme longevity quality. It has always used sustainable recycled materials before it was a hype and has always had responsible manufacturing before it was impressive. Inhouse :-) Produced in Sweden. Southern Sweden. Yup. Each garment has carefully been selected to protect against both wind and wet while maintaining an elegant and timeless style. Which is a jiggle if something.

Each print is hand designed in-house, sometimes with the other daughter Maxjenny, and cut into perfection, creating ponchos and coats that blend both functionality with fashion forward prints and art inspired colourways.

A Margareta Forslund Design coat is not easy to miss, but easy to handle. No wrinkles, easy to carry, wash in 40 degrees, hang to dry. It will keep you dry and look fabulous for years to come

The large power destination (1500m2) offers you, beside clothing and colourful delights, curious, investigative, fun and well executed exhibitions once a year from its belonging studios.

Top quality weatherwear meets works of art that touch the soul.
Both Margareta and Elin are passionate and long driven artists who work intensely, sometimes crazy and very curious with new material, constantly pushing its own boundaries for what's doable and possible with glass, digital prints, screen prints and their own developed special film together. 
It's very nerdy and free. It's light. It's with art inspired colourways. It's very bold and innovative. It's beautiful. 

Margareta works with 3D prints together with light. Loads of light. The reflection that occurs when printed holographic film strikes with light creates an impressive experience. She is stubborn and carries series upon series, creating larger imaginary settings. Settings for airports and garden decorations. Decorations that glow in the nordic dark cold or intense colouring popping in green fields.

Elin´s artistery is based on joy, loads of joy. Works consists of several materials, where casted glass is the main most important body, combined with other see-through materials together with screen print and colourful settings, carried out to influence, delight and interact with the viewer. Glass art radiates ingenuity, imagination, tactility and material metamorphoses. She works with the often missed spot, the ceiling. 

A visit to Forslund Design Studio's on Österlen will be a true experience where quality, curiosity and art are the focus. Each purchase becomes not only an investment in one's own well-being, but also in the local culture and rich heritage of the region.
Enjoy & Warm Welcome!