Collection: ART


Elin uses art to spread joy, a lot of joy. Her works consist of a mix of materials, where cast glass forms the core, combined with other transparent elements and enriched with screen printing and vibrant colors. These creations are meant to engage, entertain, and interact with the viewer. Her glass art evokes creativity, imagination, and a sensitive handling of material transformations. A unique feature of her work is the focus on often overlooked surfaces, such as ceilings.

Margareta, on the other hand, explores the possibilities of light through 3D printing and holographic film. The play of light with these materials creates profound visual effects that enrich the viewer's experience. She is diligent in her work, building series after series and creating extensive, imaginative environments. These installations fit well in both airports and garden decorations, where they illuminate the Nordic darkness or provide intense splashes of color in green landscapes.